Fashion Shoot The Green Labels - Photographer (2019)

Opening SMIR Amersfoort - Photographer (2019)

Care Fully Curated by The Green Labels - Photographer (2019)

[Un]framed - Documentary Film (2018)

Danielle Fraser Private Travel - Graphic Design (2018)

The Mustards - Social Media Marketing - Trainee (2018)

TAMK - Fine Arts in Moving Image - Exchange (2018)

World Press Photo Exhibition - Tour Guide (2017)

PHD Issue Hanzehogeschool - Photographer (2017)

Camping Minerva - Photographer (2017)

Groningen Swim Challenge - Photographer (2017)

Art Academy Minerva - Design - Bachelor (2015 - 2020)


My name is Julia, a photographer and junior designer, living in the Netherlands, but dreaming of a nomadic life on the road. I am passionate about alternative and low impact living, exploring ways to support a simple and minimal lifestyle as a digital nomad and looking for ways to give back to the online communities that have thought me so much! 

My work as a designer is often a collaboration between you and me, I love creating work that makes both of us happy and it gives me so much energy to know the succes of the work will benefit us both. I tried to fit in different boxes of specialities, but I’ve come to embrace my diversity. There are many things I could help you with, if you have any questions, I would be happy to chat! You can contact me at infojuliaadinda@gmail.com